Airborne Health Honeydew Honey 500g BB 23092020

Airborne Health Honeydew Honey 500g (BB 23/09/2020)

SGD 15.00SGD 20.90

Honeydews are normally low in glucose and they are also lower in fructose than flower honeys. This low glucose and fructose is supplemented by higher levels of more complex sugars such as maltose, erlose and melezitose. A thick red amber honey and one of the strongest flavoured in Airborne honey range. Full flavour and aroma, heady, almost pungent, malty honey. Great in marinades to give a richness to barbecues or roasts. Full of mineral goodness, a typical trait of honeydews. Food match : Warm drinks, marinades & savoury dishes Taste : Malt Colour : Dark Flavour : Rich malt

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